Tearing the fabric of existence

Having only recently said that he understood the violence that insults provoke, although he would not condone violence, in the Philippines recently, Pope Francis declared that same sex unions threatened the structure of human life, or the fabric of the universe or the space-time continuum. Or something. As part of his diatribe he condemned sex outside of marriage for the male plus female archetypes, and adultery. Contraception and abortion are also to be condemned because they all put paid to the lie that catholic sex organs come together ONLY to produce new life. In other words, catholic married couples do not enjoy sex, they are doing their sacred duty. Of course if it was that sacred, priests & nuns would be going at it. And we know from various docos, that the Vatican is full of young gay priests doing it. Will they in time demand to get married as well?

I was about to repeat my diatribe that even the heroes of the revolution falter. Hugo Chavez was my latest ideological failure. I had constructed a button portrait of him, above a rainbow flourish, only to learn that he was apt to be homophobic in his references to the GLBTIQ community. Had he lived longer, would he have built holiday accommodation for us like Castro in Cuba?

harm fabric



About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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