talking to themselves

This weekend SMH was all about the Australian political system where the insiders talk a language for themselves alone. Stuff like “the party elects its leader”. Our pollies want only to talk to themselves. Abbott loves early morning radio, but seems quite traumatised when a Liberal voter gets on to ask him a question & succeeds in telling him how lousy the general population feel Abbott is. Jokes aside about his line this week, that good gov started today. The opposition tweet was that the tories were so relieved to have graduated they spent gap year in la la land, or words to that effect.

Abbott did another of his pat the babies’ heads in a controlled environment event; as he was leaving a journo observed a member of the public addressing him in sharp monosyllabic, consonantal, Anglo Saxon words. Wish I was there.

A member of the UK conservative cabinet was at dinner with Abbott at Admiralty house on the harbour; he remarked that people thought that the House of Commons was fierce, but by comparison, our parliament was savage. Remarkable that insight, House of Commons question time consists of rapid volleys of questions; no dorothy dixers, no Ms Bishop shutting down opposition objections & throwing out the most vocal under rule 94A or whatever.

But the journo is right; the language of pollies is Orwellian double speak; we need the bi-partisan efforts that had Gillard being effective whilst in minority rule. Perhaps Ursula Le Guin, author of The Word for World is Forest, is right; women are genetically structured to co-operate & work well in government, men should be the seers, dreamers and poets. As the line in the movie Adam’s Rib went: “put a lot of roosters together & they’ll fight; put hens together & they lay eggs”.


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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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