Dutch eco group

On ABC Lateline 17/7/2015, Interview: Marjan Minnesma, Director of Urgenda, is in Australia talking with aussi eco groups. Marjan Minnesma led a legal challenge against the Dutch Government, saying they weren’t taking action to prevent climate change. Emma Alberici speaks with Marjan about the ways citizens can hold governments accountable for policy decisions on climate change.

The Netherlands, like many island areas of the Pacific will be the first to be clearly affected by climate change. The Netherlands has a large coastal area crisscrossed by dykes, some parts being protected from wave destruction by constructed walls.

The legal action undertaked by this eco group was on the basis of civil law; they argued that a citizen has the right to expect that his /her government should protect them; on that basis, they accepted an assurance from the Dutch government that actions would be taken to protect the Dutch population ecologically, rather than seeking a punitive financial outcome.

I am so proud of my alter-ego nationality. Last week, I continued to bemoan the dire state of federal parliament; the recent assurances by our apelike Prime Minister that the IS threat is approaching our shores. Suddenly, there is hope and the possibility of constructive action.


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