60 Minutes Predators

Tonight, channel 9 ran a 60 Minutes story about a British pedophile network called PIE, consisting of 6 men, 5 of whom were jailed. The 6th was let go, he was the head of MI6. Two victims of their activities were interviewed, both were extremely traumatised. One of the perps was also interviewed and he was allowed to present his philosophy. The image of a male like Lewis Carol with a pre-pubescent girl on his knee has invested the situation with a spurious romanticism.

The PIE group member outlined his belief in adult/child eroticism as follows: the age of consent should be FOUR; this is the age at which a child is articulate and can express consent, can agree to an erotic act. He quickly disagreed with the interviewer’s tone, describing it as emotional; he rejected the phrase “having sex” as he said it suggested penetrative behaviour. When asked how he would describe his behaviour he called it “erotic behaviour” and said it might consist of touching, rubbing, masturbation. By contrast, the male victim said that oral sex had occurred.

Then, the perp said that he thought the trauma to the victims was spurious: any damage to the victim happened much later in life when a number of people had repeated to him/her that they had been damaged.

Now let us look at the instance of a pedophile couple that lived in Australia, and were recently jailed for their crime: one was US, his partner was Vietnamese; they had Australian residency; they had arranged with a Russian woman to be a surrogate for their baby boy. I am not sure at what age they began to have sex with their child, but they also went on world tours, meeting other like minded perps whom they would allow to have sex with their boy. Occasionally they had to admonish the child when he lost interest in playing sex games with these men; he was told to respect them. The behaviour included penetrative sex at a young age.

Now, let us return to the unpunished head of MI6 and PIE, whose victim said he wrote in a brown book the things he (the victim) said during the sex sessions. The book was also full of sadistic fantasies that he harboured, far from the gentle romantic Lewis Carol scenarios.

Even as a child approaches 10 or 12, his ability to give consent in the above situations varies considerably. The very charismatic catholic priest who organised a range of activities in my town in the mid 1960’s started with having boys sent from class to his room during the school day. On weekends he organised bushwalks involving up to a hundred boys of varying levels of worldly sophistocation. To especially ethnically non anglo saxon working class kids a catholic priest was the pinnacle; his word was sacrosanct; you would do anything you were commanded; and his behaviour would simply never be suspected.

I am not sure what sort of society we are shaping out of this history and retribution; let us hope for a sane one.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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