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Tonight the indefatigable Jennie Brockie on SBE Insight discussed GUNS. Much as I might have disagreed with PM John Howard when he ran the country I have to pay him his dues, in that his passing of legislation prohibiting the ownership of guns meant that many lives were saved. For instance, he tried to legislate that men who had inflicted violence on their wife or children should  not be allowed to continue to own guns. I note the bravery of PM  Howard facing a crowd of angry farmers in Sale Victoria, one of whom waved his expressive poster that derided the POOFTER culture of Canberra. It reminded me of the Ditch the Witch poster at another, later demo, the common thread being that women and gays are most likely to be the object of machismo violence.

A shocking aspect of the discussion was looking at a mother who lost her daughter in the Port Arthur massacre, who was herself badly injured in the incident, comparing those life changing events to the complaints of the Shooters’ Party that the bureaucracy involved in a person obtaining a shooter’s licence was cumbersome. Meanwhile, in the UK, the police do not go on duty armed, but guns are not available. Even the sale of sharp ended knives is prohibited, on the basis that a person made irrational by anger will pick up the weapon closest to hand. In the USA, so many deaths have happened from children and toddlers picking up loaded guns, thinking them but toys and pointing them at mummy. HEAVEN FORFEND.

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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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