Colorado and legal marijuana

An interesting doco on SBS has just informed me that the US state of Colorado had recently legalised the use, both medicinal and recreational, of marijuana. Since doing so, it has spawned a series of industries and activities. Let’s deal with the silly ones first: the multi million dollar factory that makes drinks and chocolates that can get you high; any number of entrepreneurial scenarios that can make the designer a lot of money, however, carry the problem that money earned is considered by the federal govt as illegal  and risk it being seized. A protection industry staffed by ex army guys (who could star in my porn movie any day) is needed to convey huge amounts of paper currency to undisclosed, but guarded vaults since 80 0/0 of all transactions use paper cash.

Then, there’s the medical marijuana industry: despite research that has taken place in several states in the USA, as well as belatedly here in Australia, the validity of such research is accepted reluctantly. Children with gruesome seizures daily are found to get better from the use of such a medicine. The result is that whole families become displaced so that a child may receive relevant treatment, resulting with families living in trailer parks in cramped conditions, and parents becoming destitute. Should parents together with their children attempt to cross state lines to where their extended families live, and a job prospect is likely, the child’s medicine may be seized by police, and should the child prove positive for drug ingestion, the parents risk being charged with drug abuse. The medical clinic makes all this clear, the rock and the hard place of the situation.

Australia is only now commencing drug trials for multiple illnesses including epilepsy in children; for some of them suffering up to 20 seizures a day, any relief would be welcome. It is a condition I experienced weekly for a year, then, last year more serious episodes, called “tonic/clonic” took place; these were quite frightening, of which, wetting the bed and spinal spasms were the more bearable. It seems to me the most precious aspect of being human is consciousness; after such an episode, memory of self was diminished. You lived under a cloud of vagueness for several hours, not knowing who you were or what had happened the night before.

As I have not had such an episode for several months, nearly 12 months, I spoke with my neurologist about the medical marijuana trials. His advice however was that I was overqualified, by which he meant that I no longer experienced the episodes. However, the high dosage of so-called mood enhancing medication with its side effect of manual trembling that I continue to take daily makes me wonder if it is time to try something new or rather different. From my hippy days ingesting the weed has been a regular event; I wonder if its absence in my system for the last decade has created this protest demanding THC?


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8 Responses to Colorado and legal marijuana

  1. delflux says:

    Sad that America we value money over everything else (including the right to live well and control your own health and well being the way YOUR own body responds best)

    A also use marijuana for health reasons. I use it to manage my psych issues and it really does wonders, but it took years of various cocktails of meds and their ensuing side affects that put me through several years of unnecessary frustration and added self-doubt… (not to mention several stays at the psych ward)

    Everyone’s path and issues to overcome are unique so I hold no judgement towards those that are able to get well using the pill cocktail…And to be fair; I actually WAS quite stable, but not myself. I was watching a lot of television (which I’ve never really cared for) and not playing or listing to music at all, which is CRAZY considering I’m 34 and played guitar/piano since I was 11. After going round and round with the different pills my Mom just understood that I could be my normal noisy-weird-emotional self (who she loved) but I could have a smoke and calm the chatter in my mind when I myself couldn’t take it…

    Many people are now starting to see these laws for what they are though, which is wonderful. A lot of people are starting to see that there is a difference between something immoral and something that happens to be illegal at that particular moment in time.

    Many people are starting to see the larger picture that a lot of these silly laws are trying to disguise, which ultimately is human rights. The right for me to be myself and the right for others to be them, no disclaimer like “as long as they’re not hurting anyone…” necessary because only adults of sound mind can consent. So in matters of life and love, most everyone wants the same thing but in America unless you’re a “white heterosexual Christian male between the ages of 25 and 60 making between 70 to 150 thousand a year with an acceptable debt to income ratio” you are a target for harassment, murder, or in the case of the working poor; our industrialized privatized prison system.

    Judging from my rant, I understand if anyone was surprised that I’m NOT political, but I’m really not. I am a proud non-voter and prefer direct community involvement instead (I enjoy picking up litter in my neighborhood and doing free dj/music events with kids where I let them play with crazy-expensive pro audio gear, I also restring / tune / teach a few neighborhood kids guitar) …I’m not trying to toot my own horn here but just give a few examples of what this sexual deviant (married homosexual) drug addict (pot smoker, and LSD enthusiast) and all around criminal (married my hubs when it was illeagal, refuses on moral grounds to pay my federal taxes, hatred of police) does on a regular basis in my community…But that’s best not to think about because calling myself that stuff just made me feel like shit.

    We plan on retiring outside the country anyways so Amerikkka and it’s dull-witted champions can just go eat a smelly ‘ole donkey dick. I don’t really know any of these people, I just happen to have been born here 😛


  2. delflux says:

    Apologies for the rant BTW, all I meant to say was that I really enjoy your writing ❤ ❤ and agree with you 100 percent. Cheers 😉

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  4. Steadfast says:

    According to the ABC TV Science program ‘Catalyst’ recently broadcast. the chemical in marijuana that gets one ‘high’ is only one of the many chemicals in the plant. Further, that from plant to plant the balance and potency of the chemicals differs. So, one of the chemicals gets one high but what do the other chemicals do? Now there’s a worry. Some might have given you seizures. A wacking amount of research needs to be done before the good and bad parts of the weed are understood. Smoking or eating it raw from a plant would be as bad as using St John’s Wort in its plant based form for depression or Dactura (Angles Trumpet) for a trip. All very dangerous and maybe deadly. The neurochemicals in the brain are very finely balanced and in many (if not most) of us they can easily get out of balance through what we eat or do not eat as well as other mental or physical experiences, behaviours we go through in a life – or from normal, natural(?) pollens or industrial motes floating in the air. Getting a pharmological mix of pills that work might take time and maybe after a time they don’t work – but while they do I’m not going to disturb the mix even if it means I do not have a sex life and have a fat tummy from the seritonin (which as well as being necessary in the brain is also most used in the body in the guts.)

  5. anton veenstra says:

    thanks steadfast

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