Gay hate crimes at Bondi

Just today ABC TV investigative journalist and Lateline presenter Emma Albarici reported from the Glebe Coroner’s court on the re-opening of the investigation of Scott Johnson’s death at North Head.’s-death-suicide-or-a-gay-hate-crime/8110386

In a previous segment on the 7.30 news commentary, it was speculated that a wave of hate crimes had occurred in the 1980’s mainly from the Bondi cliffs. The newly re-opened police investigation of Johnson’s death, previously dismissed as suicide, will include the confession by an individual that he acted as “bait”, luring gay men to be attacked by his accomplices.

Johnson’s investigation may well result in the re-opening of a number of cases which were also classified by police as suicides. Today’s news item included a chilling forensic re-enactment of a dummy being pushed from the Bondi cliff, to compare the difference between suicide and a person being thrown from the cliff, the latter landing a greater distance from the base of the cliff.

Truly, I have to stop reading Richard Stevenson, watching Morse and Lewis and all the rest of them. But recently, I watched Emma Albarici interview right wing cartoonist Bill Leak and was quite annoyed that she did not query his concept of the gay rainbow protest as a nazi army manoeuvre. It would seem that these days interviews have to be conducted on the most diplomatic terms, no probing questions asked, where the interviewee gives him/herself away in their own terms. I thank her for having attended Glebe coroner’s court in Sydney in the mid 30’s temp; of course, it may just have been a slow news day. We will see when Lateline re-opens.


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