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10 influential books

1. Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde. 3 gay characters in search of an MO: DG, narcissist; the painter: ineffectual, Lord Henry, also sounding full of missed opportunities, a voice from the sofa. 2. Aubade, early gay coming of age … Continue reading

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Calling Gay Home

A while ago I found a volume of gay & lesbian Jungian psychiatrists; it was based on the idea that the post Freudian complexes, such as the Oedipal complex were in need of revision for gay, lesbian, transgender & queer … Continue reading

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2 visual experiences

Last night on ABC Lateline Tony Jones spoke of the influence of the Catholic Church Insurance organisation on the church’s Towards Healing and other protocols dealing with clergy abuse of underage persons. It turns out the CCI exercised considerable influence; … Continue reading

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armistead maupin and the dynamic telegram

I’m re-reading AM’s Michael Tolliver Lives [for the 4?th/5?th time]. At that point where MT faces his cranky older bro over an airport table. I too have a cranky older bro, who, as a Piscean, has seemed to live a … Continue reading

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