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sheldonian string theory

A doco about Albert Einstein’s last theory, the equation about everything, updated that scientist’s work with contemporary string theory musings. The opening credits were accompanied by sound & vision of a cellist. The throbbing, vibrating string became the theoretical core. … Continue reading

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Australian indigenous dot paintings

The friend with whom I share my house worked as a teacher in Alice Springs in 1984. I visited him for a two week holiday, during which we bought four small dot paintings and I bought a larger work [1 … Continue reading

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ply yr trade

Left: Hibiscus; below centre: Frilly Necked Lizard; right: Crane Meets Budgerigar. Hibiscus represents a world view, an island in the cosmic sea. A friend at the time described it as containing a myriad of creatures, rearing, hissing, prowling, slinking, hidden in … Continue reading

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Out Of Fire is my interpretation of the Biblical story of Daniel being led by the angel out of the fire. My starting point was a photo of a Dutch swimmer; my interpretation of textures and movement around her figure … Continue reading

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the hanged man

This is the title of a Tarot card, major arcana. It pertains to an event in my life, something that happened a year ago. I firstly have to explain that I live next door to a southern Yugoslav peasant, who is … Continue reading

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: a derogatory term that sounds like idleness; surely the reason those in capital & business think artists are idle, when it is the crucial time ideas are put together for new work, new directions. Having to wrap a work that will … Continue reading

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Homage to El Greco Sebastian (never felt a wound)

Just been informed that this work has been included in the 2011 Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award exhibition. The selection panel was Antonia Syme, Executive Director of the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Anthony Camm, Director of Ararat Regional Gallery and Dianne Mangan, Director … Continue reading

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