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Musical Progressions

Those of us who worshiped David Bowie ‘s metamorphosis as Ziggy Stardust [I’m just the space cadet, he’s the commander] went on to admire his more electronically sombre collaborations in West Berlin, the album Low, with Brian Eno and David … Continue reading

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thank you 4 yr good wishes

In another art blog I quoted the Dylan Thomas “sonnet” “My hero bares his nerves along my wrist”, which is a gay image, if you conceptualise an inner dominant gay person emerging & coming to “fruition”. Except that in Thomas’ … Continue reading

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reality creativity

It’s raining here in Sydney, I’ve just completed a fortnight of weaving on my latest tapestry; so I’m sated but also empty in anticipation. The doco tonight on David Bowie observes his emptiness before a new phase. Bowie’s characters were … Continue reading

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sorry ladies your physionomy is getting theology attached

Pope Francis gave an interview in Rio where he was asked about gay priests. He was also asked about the possibility of women becoming priests and responded that Paul had sealed that situation with a formula of a definite NO. … Continue reading

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lead me into yr darkness

I’ve been watching David Bowie; in his middle period albums, tracks like Fashion [we are the goon squad & we’re coming to town] he and the band make a gesture with the right hand from up high, swooping down to … Continue reading

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Living in the age of David Bowie

Last night on Spicks & Specks, Doc Neesun, lead singer of 70’s band the Angels, almost tearfully admitted he had been harassed offstage in the USA by Ray Davies. He was second billing on a US tour but started getting … Continue reading

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Paul Kelly, singer/ song writer on the Adam Hills show said, it was not his job how people responded to his music. Music, he continued, was really functional: people listened to it in a bar, they listened while vacuuming their … Continue reading

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