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Paul Kelly, singer/ song writer on the Adam Hills show said, it was not his job how people responded to his music. Music, he continued, was really functional: people listened to it in a bar, they listened while vacuuming their … Continue reading

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exit first woman Prime Minister of Australia

We in Australia had a turbulent time last night and the result was that the first woman prime minister was rejected. I think: too little, too late, the wrong sequence, the wrong system. As the ex-Treasurer Minister Swan, possibly the … Continue reading

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Ellen de Generis meets Madonna

Two days ago Ellen interviewed Madonna; I missed the opening flourish where both women indulged that flourish that Ellen loves to affect, being the lush. Except Madonna took it further; you’ve only had two sips of champagne, said Ellen. Who … Continue reading

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Why god is a civil engineer

In last night’s QI Stephen Fry declared that god was a civil engineer; why? who else in designing the human body would position the pleasure centre next to the effluent outpour. Today, US public broadcasting TV discussed the High Court … Continue reading

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taking our tribe into consideration

The conservative Kinsey assessment is that G & L is 10% of the population. We keep having technical in-house community discussions about whether we can or should claim ethnicity status. Let’s look at a couple of situations that would be … Continue reading

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are we just a stupid species

Constitutionally incapable of living together sensibly, rationally? Or is it the solar flares we are experiencing at the moment, combined with Mercury and Uranus retrograde. Or, is your star sign making you FAT? I recently spoke with my job network … Continue reading

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ellen rules ok

I went op-shopping with an eco friend yesterday. It reminds me of the line in Adam’s Rib: roosters gather & fight, hens get together & lay eggs. Shopping can be a fraught experience: you constantly share taste choices, putdowns are … Continue reading

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