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living with the obtuse enemy when you’re GAY.

On SBS tonight I watched a show with approximately the above title. It consisted of two gay men in Melbourne intent on getting married, who meet an Anglican minister & the three of them spent a week [?] together & … Continue reading

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We are the illegals

There are wars happening all over our unhappy planet; 50 million people are displaced. Some have heard of a peaceful, under-populated continent away to the south, away from proximity to conflict. They think, if we get there we’ll be ok, … Continue reading

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Fear & Loathing

Phobia has been reduced to a formal label for hatred; if fact, by doing so, we have done both language and the study of human behaviour a disservice. Phobia is an effective encapsulation of the syndrome where a person fails … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry arguing with homophobes

I watched the first part of Stephen Fry’s new project, going around the world & arguing with homophobes. His sourest interview was with a member of the Ugandan parliament, an ex-catholic priest, who now headed a directorate for public ethics; … Continue reading

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keepers of the rainbow

confession: this week has been a detour, time to learn from having been way-laid & return on message. It started on Tues night with SBS Insight discussing marriage equality; next day the website continued the discussion; the trolls emerged from … Continue reading

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Just Another Brick in the Wall

Yes, it’s a line from Pink Floyd; I used to quite relate to the band’s sentiment as I was ensconced at the time in a vicious bureaucracy, which, when I finally complained of years of homophobic harassment, pretended that nothing … Continue reading

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