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Fear & Loathing

Phobia has been reduced to a formal label for hatred; if fact, by doing so, we have done both language and the study of human behaviour a disservice. Phobia is an effective encapsulation of the syndrome where a person fails … Continue reading

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vitaly milonov

Apologies to any readers for my practically inarticulate last chapter which included comments on VM, member of the Russian parliament and deacon of the Russian orthodox church. His appearance in an ABC TV coverage of Russian homophobia was so disturbing … Continue reading

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russian homophobia

Foreign Correspondant tonight on ABC TV was set in Russia, showing Stephen Fry [gotta applaud his courage] addressing a local GLBT group; showing several FB scenes of macho psychos having lured a gay guy to a park, humiliating him ritualistically … Continue reading

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a national multicultural image

Today, a researcher of Australian women’s magazines said on ABC News 24 TV, that indigenous, Asian and African women simply are not used on the fashion runways and subsequently in the fashion magazines. The image presented as the “LOOK” of … Continue reading

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keepers of the rainbow

confession: this week has been a detour, time to learn from having been way-laid & return on message. It started on Tues night with SBS Insight discussing marriage equality; next day the website continued the discussion; the trolls emerged from … Continue reading

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Same sex unions

The SBS TV show Insight, hosted by Jennie Brockie was tonight  focused on the issue of same sex unions. True to the charter of the host station, it looked at the intersection of the phenomenon of same sex couples, religion … Continue reading

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if you tolerate this then yr children will be next

My chapter title is the line from a song by the Manic Street Preachers that’s my current earworm. Best thing on TV tonight was an Eastenders actress retracing her Sephardic relatives through Spain, Portugal and Holland: one expulsion after another. … Continue reading

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