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o my america oh my new found land

I have truly the attention of a fruit fly [pun intended, a gay one, of course]. It was only yesterday that I watched in its brilliant entirety the Tom Stoppard co-written film Shakespeare in Love. Entirely fanciful of course, but so … Continue reading

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men delight me not

That line in Hamlet, excuse the inexactness, “men delight me not, nor women neither” might have gone unremarked, if not for the reaction it provokes in Hamlet’s companions, “Why did you laugh when I said “men delight me not”?” or … Continue reading

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new insights

A goth friend of mine in Adelaide decided to conduct a series of interviews with textile practitioners on her blog. She published my answers with the above tapestry, Desiring this man’s scope, 2002, woven tapestry, 95 cms H X W. … Continue reading

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