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forgive myself the lot

Did several hours gardening today: a corner of the front yard in front of Rod’s room, it faces north, cops a punishing amount of heat and light all day, all summer. The flower bed follows the brick of bedroom & … Continue reading

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dwindling reserves

I heard yet another debate tonight about climate change; the scientists on such panels use phrases like: “we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels”. Reminds me of John Donne’s line: “sucked on country pleasures childishly”. We need to constantly … Continue reading

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put in the slipper or the boot

I heard transcripts read out tonight on ABC TV of the sexual harassment Slipper meted out to his assistant. The episode of moaning during a massage!!! I have paid for  massages from  hetero blokes, strictly therapeutic, no switch-hitting involved. Once, … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr Bob Brown of the Greens Party

Bob Brown who until recently headed the Greens Party in Federal Parliament has resigned from the position and from a 30 year political life. Tonight he was hosted in a debate on Q&A by the ever facetious and self congratulatory … Continue reading

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apres le deluge

We have had torrents of rain over Sydney this past fortnight; sheets of the stuff. Luckily, in a way, it fell now, when the ambient temp is waxing & waning as it does in Mar/Apr, deciding whether to revert to summer … Continue reading

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posing as a somdomite

The Marquess of Queensberry, unfortunate oafish father of Bosie, Oscar Wilde’s once lover and companion, left a card for OW at his gentleman’s club with the above misspelt phrase written on it. In Victorian times even posing as a homosexual … Continue reading

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Is this the REAL catholic church at work? Stealing newborn babies?

This follows my blog: “Ha ha say animists.” An excerpt: Cardinal George Pell engaged in a debate on Q&A presented by Tony Jones, ABC TV Monday night. The opposing speaker was Richard Dawkins, renowned scientist and atheist. The atmosphere was adversarial. Religious types … Continue reading

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