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An essay in indigo, a small tapestry, 32 cms H X 20 cms W. BLUE. It began with studies of an indigenous Australian bush flower, blue, six petalled, thelionema caespitosum. Establishing the presence of the petals strongly against a monochrome … Continue reading

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building blocks

A ubiquitous form of window glass in Australia during the California bungalow period [1910 to 1940] was a ripple glass; it often featured in bathrooms, a wasp nest pattern, an accretion of lozenge shapes.  The patterning comes closest to the way … Continue reading

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feminism design craft

My mum came to Australia as a refugee after World War Two; her ship set off from Italy somewhere, got to Fremantle where it was quarantined for a suspected smallpox outbreak onboard. Then she disembarked at Melbourne, travelled by train … Continue reading

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beginner’s mind and the democracy of colour

I like the concept of beginner’s mind; oriental, martial artsy idea that you empty the consciousness of preconceptions, allowing space for fresh energy to flow in. My T’ai Chi teacher thought I practised it well. It applies to my work … Continue reading

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image cluster

 New Holland Honeyeater, Phylidonyris novaehollandiae. Woven tapestry, 18 cms H X 15 cms W. Cotton warp, wool, cotton, synthetic wefts. Studying 3rd year French Lit. Le Cimetiere Marin, par example, I was introduced to the phrase ” image cluster”, used … Continue reading

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Archie Brennan can comfortably be given the accolade of having done most for the development of tapestry in the last 40 years. His partner is Susan Maffei, no slouch either as both student and practitioner of tapestry. They have given … Continue reading

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  The weekend of the first Tamworth Textile Triennial which I attended as an exhibitor, I began a portrait GT2, an upward foreshortened view of the face and head as a sphere of massive, dynamic proportions. 19 cms h x … Continue reading

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