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this guy is MAGIC

Who is this amazing guy? Talk of noblesse oblige! Wearing the most wonderful fabrics, the jewels, the cloak, the slippers, “Oh Fanny, how lucky to be you!” the Radlett girls might exclaim, from the pages of Nancy Mitford’s beautifully written … Continue reading

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heroes of the revolution

Gareth Thomas Oscar Wilde Cary Grant [I’m Going GAY!!!]

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Australian Royal Commission about child sexual abuse by catholic clergy

Daily, nightly, the Oz media runs stories about what happened to mostly aussie boys under the sanctimonious cloak of religion. Again tonight another story, a boy who was molested by a Patrician brother under cover of nightfall at a camp. … Continue reading

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Violence on a Melbourne bus

The upper middle class upbringing of New York gay author Ethan Mordden gives rise to some curious moments in his seemingly autobiographical novels. Buddies and its four companion volumes have lots of moments when a guy from the deep south … Continue reading

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Tony Bourke, one of the ministers of the current federal govt, got up today to announce that legislation had been passed to control the water flow of the Murray Darling Rivers system. He said the process which this piece of … Continue reading

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Raquel Welsh as Lust in drag I Confess

As a young boy in my teens I decided I wanted to become a catholic priest, give my body to Jesus, SWOON, swoon over his wounds in the passion at Easter time. So they took me seriously, maybe they were … Continue reading

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royal commission about catholic priests sexually abusing children

Today PM Gillard announced a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse by catholic clergy & others.On Lateline Emma Albarichi interviewed two people: Frank Brennan catholic theologian & a Newcastle chief Inspector of police.Brennan tried to be positive about his church; … Continue reading

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