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the nature of nature

Recently, Edinburgh Zoo announced that a couple of male flamingos had bonded by taking over the abandoned nest of a female, they brooded on the abandoned egg, hatched it & raised the chick. As yet, the Zoo has not released … Continue reading

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Singapore Library Board full of prejudice

A little fairy tale called “And Tango Makes 3” has been banned from Singaporean libraries. It is the story of 2 male penguins which are given an unhatched egg; they then form a nest and successfully hatch the egg & … Continue reading

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Head First Transgendered

The ABC TV series Head First interviewed transgendered folk, my folk, my community. They were not tested to see if they were malingerers or delusional. Don’t know if there is a test, don’t care. I only know that the process … Continue reading

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Tonight, SBS Insight discussed trans-gender kids; clearly we, as a society have progressed because the slightly less severe outcome of one’s child being gay is more acceptable. When I was undergoing adolescence between 1964 and adulthood in the mid 1970’s, … Continue reading

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alignment with the stars

This weekend’s SMH quoted an LA paper about recent discoveries in astronomy. There are 13 mini galaxies doing a dance around the star Andromeda; what is most fascinating is that their disco routine takes place on a single thin disc … Continue reading

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who’s doing the real social engineering

The religious right has always accused us, the gay, lesbian, inter-gender and trans communities of manipulating reality. Covertly, THEY have run de-programming groups, based on the kidnap and brain washing activities from the 1970’s when they attempted to reverse the … Continue reading

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Irshad Manji Allah Liberty and Love

On ABC today there was an Asian Focus on the state of gay rights in Australia’s nearest neighbours. Irshad Manji a lovely, beautifully presented Indonesian lesbian author, has written a book demanding that fellow Moslems MUST re-examine the world-accepted structure … Continue reading

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